Terra Santa Agro is a publicly held company established under the laws of Brazil and operating under the open capital company status granted by Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission on November 9, 2006. Its Initial Public Offering took place on November 10, 2006. V-Agro is the result of a merger of three companies: Brasil Ecodiesel, Maeda Agroindustrial (absorbed in December 2010) and Vanguarda Participações (absorbed in September 2011). The latter two companies, genuine agricultural companies, have consolidated the Company’s strategy to adopt a new business model focused on the production of grains and fibers. Its operational change and consequent change of the company’s name to Vanguarda Agro S.A. occurred on October 10, 2011. As a result of the focus being shifted to grains, the Company implemented a continued divestiture plan for assets related to its biodiesel operation in order to concentrate all its efforts on the allocation of resources for the development of the agricultural operation. With approximately 253.5 thousand hectares of land, Terra Santa Agro became a company holding the largest managed extension of land in the country. It is one of Brazil’s biggest grain and fiber producers currently listed at the São Paulo Stock Exchange, holding the VAGR3 ticker code at the BMF&BOVESPA New Market.