Paranapanema is one of the most important international class Brazilian companies dealing with non-ferrous metals. Its operations involve the casting and refining of primary cooper and a line of semi-manufactured copper and copper alloy products. The Company’s production activities are handled by its four industrial plants: Dias D’Ávila in the State of Bahia, Utinga and Capuava in Santo André, State of São Paulo and Serra in the State of Espírito Santo.

The Capuava (SP) plant – Located in the district of Capuava in Santo André (SP), it occupies 148,518 sq. mts. of land and a built-up area of 49,888 sq. mts. The Capuava plant manufactures copper pipes used in household and industrial air conditioning equipment, compressors, components and dozens of other cooling systems. Copper pipes used in civil construction projects are also made at this plant. The Capuava plant products are NSF-61 certified (NSF International). This is a mandatory requirement for products sold in the US and Canada and it ensures that the products are lead-free and do not contain any element harmful to human health.

The Dias D’Ávila (BA) plant – Located in Dias D’Ávila in the Camaçari (BA) industrial area, it occupies 568,032 sq. mts. of land and a built-up area of 90,342 sq. mts. The Dias D’Ávila plant casts and refines primary copper using the pyrometallurgical process. Its product line includes such items as cathodes, rods, drawn copper wire, sulfuric acid, oleum, iron silicate and anode slime from which precious metals are recovered.

The Serra (ES) plant – Located in the municipality of Serra, in the Vitória (ES) metropolitan area, it occupies 40,500 sq. mts. of land and a built-up area of 9,640 sq. mts. The Serra plant manufactures copper and bronze fittings for a variety of applications, including those related to cold and hot water installations, industrial and residential gas systems and firefighting equipment. The Company is also NSF-61 certified. Other certifications assigned to the Company include ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001.

The Utinga (SP) plant – Located in the district of Utinga in Santo André (SP), it occupies 240,845.96 sq. mts. of land and a built-up area of 88,061 sq. mts. The Utinga plant manufactures copper and copper alloy rolled products, wire, bars and shapes used for the production of parts and components by the automotive, electro-electronic, clothes, hardware, sanitary ware, stampings, machining works, and other industrial market segments.