The Bonsucex Group started its activities in 1982 through an investment holding company focused on the acquisition of ownership interests in open and closed capital companies, prominent in both national and international markets. The Group is currently present industries such as mining, metallurgy, construction, agribusiness, shoemaking, textiles, consumer goods and banking services, thus employing directly and indirectly nearly 65 thousand people.


Analyze opportunities of investment in companies having great growth capacity, which stand out in their areas of operation and are committed to offering the best products, services, profitability, social and environmental responsibilities and ensuring a better future for his personnel.


We believe that the most valuable asset of a company is its human capital. People make the difference and it is certainly through them that we are going to innovate, improve and grow.


- Passion
- Planning
- Determination
- Ethics
- Cooperation
- Simplicity
are the values to be found in the companies in which Bonsucex Holding invests.


Founded in 1982 by the entrepreneur Silvio Tini de Araújo, The Bonsucex Group is now one of Brazil’s most successful corporate groups operating by means of shareholding interests in important segments of the national and international markets, such as: construction, building development, engineering, mining, metallurgy, shoemaking, textiles, hygiene and cleaning industry, reforestation, agribusiness and financial services, among other divisions, directly employing about 65 thousand people.

The compelling insertion of the Bonsucex Group into the mining industry in virtue of participating of Mineração Buritirama (throughout the years of 1993 until 2018) and the Paranapanema Group, emerges from the attraction its main controller and director always held toward said activity. Since his youth he nourished great admiration for Trajano de Azevedo Antunes, the entrepreneur and founder of the Caemi Group, a wealthy, discreet and hard-working man, pioneer in the manganese exploitation in the State of Amapá. However, the practice of holding equity interest in companies comes from the admiration he retains for the Monteiro Aranha Group; model that inspired the creation of the Bonsucex Group, and of which he became a shareholder.

The entry of Sílvio Tini de Araujo, both into the mining and capital market industries, dates back to the end of the 60′s, when he started acquiring shares of the Paranapanema Group under the influence of his older brother, José Carlos de Araujo, affectionately known as “Zé Milionário”, who was one of the company’s controlling shareholders. Later, he increased his portfolio of companies.

Sustainable development has six priority aspects that must be adopted by the companies in which the Bonsucex Holding is involved:

1 – Meeting the basic requirements of the population (food, education, health, leisure, etc.);
2 – Solidarity towards future generations (preserving the environment so that they may have a chance to live);
3 – Participation of our personnel involved (everyone must be aware of the need to preserve the environment, each one doing his/her share to accomplish this);
4 – Preservation of natural resources (water, oxygen, etc.);
5 – Developing a social system that ensures employment, security and respect to other cultures;
6 – Implementation of educational programs.