Founded in 1948, Bombril S.A., “Bombril” or “Company”, started by making steel wool pads and is proud to have achieved the position of Brazil’s biggest cleaning solutions company. The Company has been developing various categories of products, such as steel wool pads, synthetic sponges, detergents, bar soaps, disinfectants, cleaners, clothes softeners, liquid clothes washing products, clothes ironing facilitators, scented sachets and air freshening deodorants. More than 190 items made by the Company and found on Brazil’s supermarket shelves are sold under 18 product brands. More than 2,400 employees at the Company’s three manufacturing complexes – Anchieta in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), Abreu e Lima (PE) and Sete Lagoas (MG) – make and deliver about 250 thousand tons a year of these household products. After the manufacturing stage is completed, the Company’s products are shipped to an uncountable number of points of sale all over Brazil. This makes the company present in 90% of Brazilian households. The product credibility attested by consumers gives Bombril an absolute leadership position in various market segments. This is the result of a solid base evolution of the company over the years. Its growth is focused on the joint work of partners and employees. This cooperation is extended to all activities performed by the Company, from the products it designs to the relationships it develops. Bombril talks openly to its public using a direct, spontaneous and sincere communication. A proof of that is the Company’s advertising campaigns on the air for more than 30 years with the Bombril steel wool poster boy, a striking and much loved character of Brazil’s advertising history. No wonder it was considered Brazil’s brand of the century. This acknowledgment came in 1999 from a team of advertising and marketing stars who selected the 21 most loved brands by Brazilian consumers. Out of these, only four – among them Bombril – were created and developed in Brazil.